July 11, 2020

Pepperstone Review 2020 – Is Pepperstone Scam?

Pepperstone forex broker

Regulators: FCA, ASIC

Cryptocurrencies: YES

Minimum Deposit: $200

Maximum Leverage: 1:500

Spreads: Low

My Score: 8.0

Would you love to learn extensive information regarding Pepperstone? I’m here in order to move all of my awareness for you.

Pepperstone is just one of the primary forex brokers positioned in Australia. The Company was founded this season with several industry professionals that have several years of knowledge in forex and tech areas.

I had been trading atPepperstone forex broker for quite a lengthy moment. I made a decision to writePepperstone review a bit deeper at the direction of these questions which found me personally.

Is Pepperstone is scam or untrue? Which accounts type s are somewhat more valuable? Is minimum spreads and deposit? Is maximum leverage pleasing? All you have to do is go on reading this review!

Following its base, Pepperstone has fast turned into one of the significant brokers in forex industry having a deal amount greater than $100 billion monthly.

Pepperstone is headquartered in Melbourne but has offices in London, Dallas and Bangkok. I am able to express the broker includes a rather strong position within the global marketplace.

It possesses a high number of investors from a number of diverse places of the earth. Pepperstone’s official internet site has more than 1 million people a month from several nations.

However top 5 most tourist states of this site include Australia, Brazil, Thailand, South Africa and the United Kingdom, respectively, that constitute 39.5percent of their traffic. Additionally, the broker has gained lots of awards in forex currency trading.

The provider received the award of Australia’s fastest rising business and the entrepreneur of the season at 2014 from BRW magazines. In the subject of client satisfaction, it received awards in 2015 and 2016.

In addition to those, the business has won a lot more awards.

pepperstone awards

Pepperstone has won awards notably on client satisfaction.

Pepperstone closely tracked developments within the cryptocurrency marketplace.

The provider saw investors’ interest in the cryptocurrencies and provided them to trade as CFD in some crypto-currencies with high deal volume such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, 0DASH or Litecoin.

Thus, the investors who wanted to benefit from the cost movements of the cryptocurrencies also turned to Pepperstone.

Licenses and Regulation

Pepperstone is regulated both in the UK (by FCA) and in Australia (by ASIC). The expansion of FCA is the Financial Conduct Authority. FCA license is crucial in forex trading. The watchdog is one of the most trusted authorities.

They regulate over 58,000 businesses, they guarantee your money till 50,000. So it’s a big plus that Pepperstone has their license.

Another big improvement of the broker that ASIC (Australian Securities and Investments Commission) also regulates the company which makes sense after all the broker based in Australia.

ASIC has tough rules. Not all companies can meet these criteria. For example, ASIC regulated forex brokers need to hold slightly $1,000,000 in their company accounts.

A similar broker to Pepperstone, IC Markets is also regulated by ASIC. You can also read my IC Markets vs Pepperstone article which I compare these two Aussie brokers.

Pepperstone’s Spreads and Account Types

We see four different types of accounts in Pepperstone, i.e. Edge Razor Account, Edge Standard Account, Edge Swap-Free Account and Active Traders. As you can see in the image underneath, the main difference medially these account types are spreads.

Account types Minimum Deposit Max Leverage Spreads & Commissions
Edge Razor Account $200 AUD 500:1 0.8 pips $7 per lot
Edge Standard Account $200 AUD 500:1 1.2 pips
Edge Swap Free Account $200 AUD 500:1 1.2 pips

The fourth account is the Active Traders account is preferred by institutional investors or investors with very high deal volumes. You are applying for this type of account and the firm is making an offer for you based on the deal volume.

Minimum deposit to trade is $200. On my behalf, this amount didn’t seem quite high. Nonetheless, you ought to consider there are lots of minimum deposit supplies less than $100 on additional brokers.

I consider 1.2 Stocks quite reduced If we count on the marketplace average. I consider this being a substantial improvement of this broker.

Trading Platforms

Traders who would like to start a merchant account and trade from Pepperstone ordinarily make use of the Meta Trader 4 stage. Nevertheless, the stage range of the business is extensive. Investors can even use Meta Trader 5, cTrader, cAlgo along cMirror platforms from Spotware System.

Also, the broker supplies Smart Trader Tools. You’re able to improve MT4 experience with all these applications by Pepperstone.

In their own package, 10 smart trading programs are prepared to assist you along with your trading operations.

Such as, advanced level trade operations and management, decision helper, innovative broadcasting and alarms application and also recent marketplace data all reachable via one of the main trading platforms, including MT4.

But for obtaining smart trader gear, you want to get an account equivalent of 500 AUD.

If we compare MT4 and MT5, MT5 in addition has ‘Depth of marketplace functionality’. Nevertheless the gap medially cTrader and also MT4 is pretty many.

cTrader includes ‘Depth of marketplace functionality’, ‘Advanced take-profit/stop-loss levels’, ‘Custom backgrounds’, ‘Detachable’ charts for multiple monitors’, ‘Cloud hosted profiles’, ‘templates and passwords’ which MT4 lacks.

MT4 has advantages since ‘Being most common platform’, ‘Access historical data through platform’ which cTrader doesn’t have. Other platforms that offer social copy-trading are also available in Pepperstone such as ZuluTrade, MyFxBook or Tradency.

In this way, traders can copy the transactions of another traders who are more professional and successful. By looking at deal history, you can discover and follow traders who have successful transactions.

Customer Service

Pepperstone customer service is available 24 hours a day. It also supports clients in English, Spanish, Polish, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, and Arabic languages.

Pepperstone customer service has different support channels. Live chat and mail support is one of them. And thanks to personalized customer support, a dedicated account manager may also be assigned to you if you need it depending on the size of your problem.

The customer service was enough to solve my problems.

Funding and Withdrawal Methods

Pepperstone serves traders to open accounts and deposit funds in the following base currencies:

  • United States Dollar (USD),
  • British Pound Sterling (GBP),
  • Euro (EUR),
  • Swiss Franc (CHF),
  • Polish Zloty(PLN).
  • Australian Dollar (AUD)

* These currencies and funding methods may vary depending on the country in which you are located.

Pepperstone has a wide range of deposit methods. Anyone who says I want to deposit will definitely meet with a suitable depositing method. The following depositing methods are possible, but the availability of these methods may vary depending on the country in which you are located.

If you want to use credit/debit cards, MasterCard and VISA is available. You can transmit your money using B2B (Broker to Broker). Bank wire option is possible. Also not many brokers can provide this many e-wallet opportunities as many as Pepperstone.

You can use any of these options to deposit/withdraw your money: Skrill, BPAY, Fasapay, NETELLER, POLI, QIWI WALLET and Union Pay.

Methods Processing Times

24 – 72 hours
Mon – Fri
24 – 72 hours
Mon – Fri

Trading Instruments Overview

When you open an account at Pepperstone, you can trade in forex, indexes, 80 currency pairs, cryptocurrencies and oil, natural gas as commodities, gold and silver as precious metals, energy sources.


Forex is the biggest financial marketplace in the world with $1.5 trillion tradings per day. This value is more than three times the shares operations.

You can trade 5/24 in Forex which is, in my opinion, very nice. Forex isn’t a market at which you are able to obtain confidential info. Actual money trades and crucial news determine that the costs. Therefore written down, most traders are not equal.

With Pepperstone you are able to trade in over 80 money pairs. Just about each the main pairs might be traded. You might even play minor pairs along with a few exotic pairs. The maximum leverage available on FX pairs will be 1:500.

Stock Indexes

You are able to trade in 14 major International indicators as CFD. Significant indices like AUS200, US30, HK50, Japan 225 and GER30 are likewise contained.


Recently, investors’ interest in the cryptocurrencies marketplace was quickly noticed by forex brokers. Then some forex brokers started offering trading on cryptocurrencies. It was possible to trade some major cryptocurrencies as CFD in Pepperstone forex brokers.

Price movements are very high in cryptocurrencies. Today the bitcoin, which is $ 10,000, is $ 12,000 tomorrow. Therefore, high leverage is risky. Maximum leverage is limited as 1:5 at cryptocurrencies.

Precious Metals

You can trade Palladium, Gold, Platinum and Silver against US Dollar and Euro. These metals often go parallel with the marketplace and inflation rates. So we can say these are relatively safe during the marketplace crashes.

Maximum leverage is 1:500 which is similarly with forex. There is no commission fee. You take a hedge position from your sole account. The lowest trade amount required is $0.1.

I always recommend considering risks before trading. Similar risks are valid for precious metals as well.


All people who have a Pepperstone account, can trade on Oil and Gas.


WTI is West Texas Intermediate crude oil. Low Sulphur ratio made the oil to have an informal name ‘candy ‘ oil. It’s traded as XTI/USD. Since it’s North American oil, it heavily affected by the developments in the region.

British Oil is actually the oil produced in the North Sea. It’s called Brent Crude Oil and traded as XBR/USD. 2/3 of the world’s oil producers use it as a criterion.


Traded as XNG/USD which is natural gas of the United States. It’s affected by global news but also developments in the US. The weather is decisive after all it can determine the demand.

Soft Commodities

This type of commodity may be a good way to diversify for trading. Because, commodity costs determined by the actual transfer of physical stocks.

I find this type of trading exhilarating. But traders should be cautious if they lack basic knowledge about these soft commodities. The total economic growth of the world is the main factor of costs because people will ask for more energy.


Most of us simply drink Coffee for its stimulant effect. But I guess so few of us had thought about factors of coffee cost. Seasonal factors play a key role to determine supply. You can deepen your knowledge and trade with this favorite drink of all.

Cocoa, Sugar, Cotton and Orange Juice

You can also learn the essential factors of the pricing of these commodities and trade with them.

Final Thoughts

In summary, Pepperstone is one of the best forex brokers in the world. There are important awards from independent organizations both in the area of customer service and in the execution time of its platforms. There are no problems with regulations and investor safety issues.

The company regulated by 2 major regulators, one of them is FCA in the UK and the other is ASIC in the Australia.

I made significant benefits during my trades at Pepperstone and did not encounter any problems when I want do withdraw. I have not encountered the issue of slippage and spread widening which is the most frequently complained issue of Forex.

The leverage ratio is satisfying for people who want to like to take more risk. Also you shouldn’t bypass the broad assortment of trading platforms.

There are lots of trading tools, you may also trade with lemon juice! It’s a wonderful prospect. Therefore yeah, Pepperstone is one of the forex brokers I have tried and urge.





Commissions and charges


Customer Service


Platform & Tools


Product Portfolio



  • Regulated by FCA and ASIC
  • Tight Spreads
  • Trading in Cryptocurrencies
  • Deep Liquidity
  • Award-winning Customer Service


  • No Stock CFDs
  • Commodity Trade Pricing