June 5, 2020

Videforex Review and Tutorial 2020

Since its launching at 2017, the prevalence of this CFD, forex and binary options broker VideForex.com is now growing. With its proprietary financial trading applications and trading platform, now it caters to day traders of all experience levels. This page will supply a in depth review of the brand new brokerage, covering everything from reports and also prices to regulation and platforms. Ultimately, after considering the advantages and dangers, a verdict regarding whether that company makes the record of day trading brokers will be awarded.
A Brief History
VideForex.com might have just found in 2017, however, the organization behind this brand new brokerage is also responsible for based BinaryMate. A commendable company who’s considered to stand from the security of its traders using a proactive approach to the security of capital. Thus, what will their most recent offering, VideForex.com need to offer you?
Minimum Initial Deposit
If you’re new to afternoon trading, you overlook ‘t want hefty minimum deposit requirements. You probably want to dip your toe in the water before you take the plunge. Fortunately, VideForex.com requires an around industry normal deposit of $250 for new trading accounts. They are also offering a 100% deposit match bonus on any first deposit (check the T&Cs suit before using it).
It is also important to note, that whether you’re day trading on VideForex.com for forex, CFDs, or binary options, the minimum requirements will not change.
Spreads & Commissions
Day trading fees and costs can quickly stack up. So, selecting a broker that offers competitive spreads is important. With VideForex.com a spread is normally applied. The spread is dynamic for particular instruments. It will take liquidity and external markets for the underlying financial instrument into account.
Whilst they are not necessarily the cheapest broker on the market they are by no means the most expensive. This means you hopefully avoid the brokers whose fees are so low you pay the price in poor execution speeds and an unreliable platform. Whilst the costs at more expensive brokers will significantly cut into your end of day profits.
VideForex.com do offer leveraged trading. This effectively allows you to borrow money to strengthen your position. The benefit to this is that it could significantly increase your profit potential. However, it also comes with the risk that losses will be magnified.
The company restricts all customers by default to a maximum multiplier of 1:100, in line with legislation. In addition, a customer’s loss is limited to their original investment amount, so the remaining amount of equity is protected.
VideForex.com can charge a commission for opening an un-leveraged cryptocurrency CFD position. This could be anywhere from 1 to 2.5% of the transaction. Opt for leveraged CFD cryptocurrency positions and the fee could climb to 5%.
So, if you are looking for forex leverage, VideForex.com can tick that box. Just ensure your strategy and money management system takes into account potential losses.
Other Trading Fees
When you are making a high volume of trades each day, costs can quickly add up. That is why you need to look for trusted online day trading brokers. VideForex.com is one of the limited numbers of brokers who attempt to make their fee structure as transparent as possible.
However, it is worth pointing out that VideForex.com reserve the right to charge a customer a swap fee of 0.07% of the face value of the position, if they wish to hold a position overnight.
It is also worth highlighting that there is no maintenance or registration charge when you sign up for an account with VideForex.com.
Finally, keep an eye on their official website for joining offers and promo codes. Sign up at the right time and you could benefit from free trades.
VideForex.com Trading Platform
As customer reviews of VideForex.com highlight, one of the unique features of this online broker is that they have chosen to design and create their own in-house trading platform. Whilst many will be used to the MetaTrader 4 (MT4) platform, there are certain advantages to the approach taken by VideForex.com:
By not using a third-party platform, they can ensure both the quality and reliability of their online trading platform.
VideForex.com know precisely what is happening to and on their platform at all times. Hopefully, this can streamline the querying process and ensure any problems and glitches is ironed out swiftly.
Day trading on the videforex.com platform is straightforward to get to grips with for both beginners and experienced traders. It has been specifically engineered to retain usability, while still offering the variety of sophisticated trading tools and resources many day traders require. For example, in-depth trading tutorials can walk new traders through the platform.
The sleek system makes selecting your financial instrument a hassle-free process. You can get to the currency pairs, commodities and indices of your choice with just a few clicks. Plus, not only do you have your major currency pairings, but you also have access to cryptocurrency pairings and fixed return options.
You will also find that because their platform is web-based, no lengthy downloads are required.
A useful additional feature of the platform comes in the form of their social trading feature, also known as ‘backup trading’. This not only permits you to learn from seasoned and successful traders, but it also allows you to really replicate the trades of top earning traders.
Mobile Apps
There currently isn’t any VideForex.com programs options. Nonetheless, this is partially because they’re a relatively new business and there are ways to launch their day trading applications in the kind of a program. Therefore, in the not too distant future, day traders may have this option too.
Methods of Payment
In the event you’re utilizing VideForex.com in the UK, US, Europe, or anywhere else, then you can deposit and withdraw cash handily. Videforex.com have adopted the world of digital monies, so Now You Can use some of the following approaches:
Bank wire transfer
Credit cards (VISA/MasterCard)
Perfect Money
This ought to place all clients at ease, understanding their capital may be accessible.
Videforex.com Accounts
Whether you are trading VideForex.com CFDs, binary options, or forex, you’ll have the selection of three distinct accounts. The sum you deposit will be dependent on which account type you’re qualified for. The 3 options are as follows:
Bronze — The deposit is $250. With this account, you gain from withdrawals in 1 hour, 24/7 live video chat service, also a demo account option, and their backup trading instrument.
Silver To be eligible for the silver consideration you have to deposit a minimum of $1000. Then you will gain from each one the Bronze characteristics, and you receive a private success supervisor and also a master course session.
Gold This takes a minimum deposit of $3,000. For this, you may receive all of the Silver attributes, and a bonus of 100%. You’ll also gain from a single account supervisor, and have access to some Swiss prepaid card card.
As you may see, the larger your first capital, the longer trading aid you will get. The switched intraday trader will probably be conscious that frequently, the larger resources and tools available, the better your odds of earning earnings.
Demo Account
When you have created a deposit, you obtain access to some VideForex.com demo accounts. This is the perfect place to come up with a plan and get knowledgeable about market conditions employing simulated cash. Then, once you’re certain, you should begin putting actual funds at stake.
Employing practice accounts such as the one provided by VideForex.com stay one of the greatest day trading strategies for novices.
Additional Features
Trading Contests
One of most fascinating features this 2018 review of VideForex.com has discovered, is that their weekly competitions.
There’s not any entry fee and twenty six winners are recorded weekly. Both novices and expert traders may compete, as most of balances automatically participate. The very best part however, a prize fund of $20,000.
Safety & Security
As cybersecurity is about the upswing and internet scams widespread, having the ability to trust your broker with your private information is paramount. Fortunately, safety at VideForex.com is a priority.
They utilize a high tech, sophisticated method to deliver you 100% safe trading and total data security for all clients.
Regulation & License
Regrettably, day trading sites occasionally suffer with bad press as a consequence of fraudsters. This makes it even more crucial that you look at your broker could be reliable.
Whilst VideForex.com do comply with all financial regulation criteria, they aren’t confined to a particular nation ‘s regulatory frame. They’re accredited by the Finance Group Corp, that are situated in, 2nd Floor, Transpacific Haus, Lini Highway, Vanuatu. It’s worth noting that signifies VideForex.com isn’t controlled by CFTC, such as most US forex brokers.
The ideal internet trading companies will need to tick lots of boxes, whether or not you’re forex trading, or even considering CFDs and binary options. Client reviews of VideForex.com show there are Various Advantages to this broker:
Access — They ease day trading for international clients, such as the USA and Canada.
Low trade size — You are able to enter places with only $1. This is great for beginners and people who have limited startup capital.
Funding approaches — VideForex.com ease payments by means of a selection of payment forms, from bank cards to cryptocurrencies.
Customer service — Customer service at VideForex.com is both quick and dependable. Not many brokers offer you the 24/7 multi-lingual video service found in their own system. In afternoon trading, each moment counts, therefore with no glitches or questions mended and replied effectively can prove crucial.
Non-stop tradingYou are able to trade daily and throughout the weekends. This is great for active traders who need to match their trading about other obligations.
Withdrawal rate — Nothing surpasses a triumph than with a considerable wait to contact your own profits. In case you day trade using VideForex.com, they ensure that your profits will be processed in a hour.
Trading competitions — VideForex.com often run trading competitions. Not only are they excellent clinic, but additionally, there are cash rates. There are additional information on these contests below.
Regardless of the many advantages, there remain definite drawbacks daily trading with VideForex.com:
Web-based constraints — Many of the ideal internet day trading brokers offer you many different available trading platforms. Day trading on VideForex.com, but limits you to simply their online platform. This usually means all trades have to be put through their site. Having said this, some traders may come across this simple system suitable.
Restricted developments — As a consequence of the online platform, you cannot utilise specific systems, for example forex specialist advisors. It might also mean different signs and resources won’t be compatible.
No program — If you put a lot of your daily trades whenever you’re on the transfer, a trading program can prove to be useful. As it now stands, VideForex.com don’t provide this kind of service. Nonetheless, this is partially since they’re still quite new. VideForex.com have guaranteed a mobile program is presently under construction.
VideForex.com Trading Hours
In VideForex.com, you are able to trade binary options, forexcurrency, along with CFDs 24/7. Not every internet broker provides this, making VideForex.com a pretty great match for anyone who have limited time or altering schedules. Quite simply, it means entering a position about the best way to work, before bed, or even on a Sunday day will stay an option.
Contact & Customer Support
Among the most significant selling points on this VideForex.com review is that their brand new live video chat attribute. It is possible to get this feature right from their homepage, which should manage traders serenity of mind.It’s accessible to a vast selection of consumers, from US to Australian customers.
Agents will be on hand to cure any issues, through a private or public live video connection. This standard of service assistance is a lot greater than the market average. This leaves VideForex.com a powerful competitor for day traders still finding their feet, or even the ones that desire re-assurance that reside support is only a couple of clicks away.
If you wished to speak to the firm who possesses the Forex, CFD and binary options broker, they’re known as Vide Projects Ltd.. Their enrollment amount is 11461 along with their speech will be 306 Premier Building, Albert Street, Victoria, Mahe, Seychelles.
Contact numbers will be:
USA — 849 937 0843
Australia — 61 8 5550 7288
You might even email [email protected]
If you’re searching for ideal internet day trading brokersthen VideForex.com warrants a look at. Despite being relatively new, it gives attractive weekly competitions, a Forex trading platform, and live video service. Additionally, using numerous online trading reports, also simple use and setup, this broker is an increasingly appealing proposition for both novices and professional traders.
Accepted Countries
Videforex prevents traders from Australia, Thailand, Canada, United States, United Kingdom, South Africa, Singapore, Hong Kong, India, France, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Italy, Denmark, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Luxembourg, Qatar along with most other states.